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The Firm has been in business for over thirty years and specializes in advising and supporting their client company's growth and operational objectives in the key market segments of real estate alternative energy and business growth opportunities. Our  approach is highly interactive with a client. First, a strategic and operational assessment is made of the client company, along with an investment evaluation. As an outgrowth of these efforts, a capital funding plan is agreed upon by the client and our Firm. Because of our funding experience, we have an extensive network of capital market and strategic alliance partners who can help support a client company. All of our activities in support of our client are performed by experienced professionals working on an exclusive retained basis. 

Our objective utilizing the experience of our members is to assess the client's needs and to develop and implement a plan which meets their stated needs and objectives. Our specific focus is to help support our client company's ability to create enhanced value over time. The members' experience is very broad based and over the last twenty years encompasses a variety of funded projects in real estate, telecommunications, software, and manufacturing.

Our experience spans a broad and diverse spectrum in real estate projects such as hotels, resorts, apartment projects. Technology and alternative energy projects funded have included engineering, telecommunications, software, waste management, carbon black, solar, natural gas and wind. This diverse and broad based experience provides our Firm with an abundance of capabilities to support our clients' needs.